Mission Statement

Our mission is to demonstrate the 'power of small' by placing our customers at the centre of everything we do.

Our Manifesto

Let's be honest, because frankly, it's the only way we know.
We're not a big bank and we don't want to be.
We're not on every street corner and in every ad break.
We're not going to spend a fortune fighting for your attention, then make a fortune from you once we've got it.

Why? It's simple. It's not who we want to be.

Big is rigid, uncaring and cunning.
Big is always pretending it has something in common with you.

That's just not who we are.

We believe it's the small things that reveal who each of us are.
Small is real. Small is sincere.

It's the smile on a familiar face and knowing how hard you've worked to get ahead.
It's recognising in someone their potential for success and then actually believing they can do it.
Small is finding your voice and meaning what you say.

At Auswide Bank, we're here to help you find that voice, to tell your story and at last be heard.

We want you to discover a whole new way to engage with your bank. 
We want you to discover how powerful small can truly be.

Auswide Bank. Discover the power of small.

Our Commitment to Customers, Communities and Staff is Underpinned by Our Values...

EMPOWER Empowering customers and staff to initiate change
MAKE IT HAPPEN To make decisions and adapt quickly to meet our customers needs
PURPOSE Identify your purpose and be passionate about it
OWN IT Own our actions, decisions, customers and outcomes
WOW To exceed our customers expectations and celebrate their successes and our own
ETHICAL A commitment to be ethical and operate in a sustainable workplace
REAL Build open and honest relationships and deliver on our promises