Purchasing Shares

Consider investing in shares in Auswide Bank Ltd.

Auswide Bank became Australia's 10th ASX-listed bank in April 2015.

We invite investors to consider purchasing Auswide Bank ordinary shares which trade on the Australian Securities Exchange under the Code: ABA

Shares in Auswide Bank are traded electronically, and can only be bought and sold through an ASX participant stockbroker.

Full service stockbrokers can facilitate your purchase, offer advice on buying and selling securities and provide research on Auswide Bank shares. These brokers typically charge a higher brokerage fee.

You can also buy or sell Auswide Bank shares through an 'execution only' stockbroker. While they do not usually offer recommendations or advice, their brokerage fees tend to be lower. They are typically either internet or telephone-based services.

You can find out more about buying and selling shares or search for an ASX participant stockbroker on the ASX website.