Corporate Social Responsibility

When conducting our business, we acknowledge our responsibilities in the face of the major challenges posed by sustainable development. Our corporate social responsibility approach helps adapt to the changes in society and tries to balance the changing expectations of our shareholders and customers, while underpinning the company's performance and stability.

Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility

In keeping with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, Auswide Bank is always conscious of the impacts our activities have on our:


The relationship between our organisation and society

Auswide Bank's reputation is built around a community and socially responsible banking philosophy.

As a company, together with our Directors, Management and staff, we play an active part in our local communities particularly in regional areas.

We evolved as part of these communities - managed by local Board members and managers and staffed by local people who identified with these communities - to more adequately meet the financial and customer service needs of these communities.

These relationships continue to build as Auswide Bank reinvests the confidence shown by the community in its operations by carrying out a role as a good and caring 'corporate citizen' including:

  • financial support through sponsorship (where possible) of a number of community activities, organisations and events - covering a wide range of sporting, cultural and community interests and endeavours.
  • our Directors, Management and staff playing an active part in our local communities, particularly in our key regional areas; 
  • donations of cash to various charitable organisations (where possible);
  • provision of promotional items & vouchers (where possible) to a range of organisations to assist with their own fundraising efforts e.g. school fetes, cent sales, trivia nights, raffles etc.;
  • allowing availability of branches as collection points for community fundraising efforts;
  • promotion of our Everyday Club Account as an attractive financial option for community not-for-profit organisations and the structuring of account and transaction fees to suit;
  • accommodating (if possible) staff acting as volunteers or office bearers in various community organisations e.g. Chambers of Commerce, Charities, Service Clubs etc.;
  • supporting fundraising and assisting staff to donate to any Australian charity, e.g." Relay for Life" by donating a nominated amount from their pay each fortnight.

Find out more about our Community Grants Scheme.


The impact of our operations on the natural environment and resources.

At Auswide Bank, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment. We are also increasingly aware of our community's changing attitudes, expectations and our need to set an example to other businesses.

While the environment is a big winner, reducing waste and increasing efficiency also makes sense financially. Higher costs also impact on our customers and shareholders.

Ways we are reducing waste and increasing efficiency include:

  • implementing ways to recycle paper generated internally e.g. document shredding and  secure document destruction;
  • encouraging customers to cancel or reduce the numbers of statements they receive by mail;
  • promoting Internet Banking and other electronic options as an alternative way of receiving statements and reducing customers' needs to travel to branches for simple transactions;
  • promoting BPAY® as a free service allowing customers to pay any bill bearing the distinctive BPAY logo (such as rates, electricity, phone, credit card bills etc) on-line - negating the need for them to travel from business to business or posting cheques. We are also one of the few institutions offering this service over-the-counter at our branches which is particularly helpful to the elderly;
  • promoting BPAY View®, which enables our customers to receive bills online from selected billers;
  • allowing ATM users accessing our ATM's to elect at the time of their transaction whether they wish to receive a printed receipt;
  • paying the majority of our suppliers electronically rather than by cheque;
  • providing our shareholders with the option of receiving annual reports and other shareholder communications on-line;
  • actively sponsoring community organisations such as Landcare in their initiatives such as National Tree Day;
  • having energy efficient LED lighting at all new and refurbished branches;
  • having automatic timers to switch off air-conditioning at all branches when not in use;. 
  • directing branches to turn off all lightning and electrical appliances when not in use;
  • recycling of printer, fax and photocopier cartridges through Cartridges 4 Planet Arc.;
  • using recycled products where possible and financially viable;
  • recycling obsolete phone handsets, mobile phone, batteries and computer equipment;
  • not financing companies engaged principally in the exploration, mining, manufacture or export of thermal coal or coal seam gas. We do not intentionally invest directly in companies specialising in these areas.


The relationship between our organisation and our external stakeholders

The Board accepts the responsibility for the overall performance of Auswide Bank and for the Company to act in the best interest of all parties and have a commitment to a high level of ethical standards and corporate governance. Our organisation strives to balance the needs and expectations of our business partners, customers, shareholders and suppliers through:

  • ensuring the financial integrity, security and profitability of our operations including meeting required standards and appropriate reporting and disclosure obligations.
  • meeting good Corporate Governance practices and placing value on honesty and integrity and acting in good faith in all our transactions;
  • monitoring the competiveness of products and services to ensure continuing value;
  • aiming to provide adequate and easy to understand disclosure in respect of product terms and conditions, contracts, leases etc.;
  • purchasing from suppliers where benefits flow through to our communities, where this is possible and economical;
  • meeting our financial obligations in a timely manner;
  • providing avenues for and responding in a timely fashion to feedback & complaints and providing avenues for complaint resolution;
  • following responsible lending practices and assisting loans customers to meet their financial obligations;
  • complying with the requirements of the law, regulatory policy statements, industry codes of practice and organisation standards that are relevant to Auswide Bank;
  • ensuring clear visibility of regulatory and compliance requirements and upcoming changes through a compliance programme, which addresses regulatory contractual policy and procedural compliance;
  • having action plans in place to ensure compliance requirements are met within timeframes;
  • ensuring risk management framework is in place to identify material risks, development of related controls and assessments of likelihood and the impact of those risks on both an inherent and residual basis; 
  • ensuring that risk and compliance are the responsibility of all employees and that applicable training and education programs are in place; 
  • investing in customer relationship building and management systems and practices and training of our personnel in customer service standards.

Financial Hardship & Support

If you are a borrower who is experiencing genuine financial hardship due to illness, unemployment or another "reasonable cause" - we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.

We will work with you to arrive a mutually beneficial solution wherever we can. You can find our more about Making Loan Payments and how to contact us here.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution

At Auswide Bank we are committed to providing you with outstanding customer service, products and facilities.
If you believe that we have not delivered in any one particular area we would like to hear your comments.

Complaints are an important part of maintaining and improving our standards.

It is expected that most complaints and problems can be solved on the spot by simply talking to the people that provided you with your initial service or by contacting the relevant manager at our Head Office.

If there is still a problem, we can refer your complaint through Auswide Bank's Internal Dispute Resolution Process.

Should the complaint remain unresolved and/or you are not satisfied with our response, we will inform you of your right to contact the external dispute resolution scheme of which Auswide Bank is a member, or another relevant organisation.

Find out more here.


The environment into which individuals are recruited and perform their roles within our organisation

Auswide Bank understands the importance of having the right people in the right roles. We value the contribution and dedication of all our people and recognise them as critical to our success as a leading financial institution.

While we demand commitment and proactivity from our people – Auswide Bank strives to provide satisfying and rewarding career opportunities through:

  • linking recognition and reward to strong performance by our People and providing competitive levels of remuneration within our geographic markets to ensure that we retain capable staff at all levels;
  • assessment of our employees  on their achievements and contribution to our strategic goals, as well as their demonstration of a key set of performance indicators. This ensures we recognise that how we go about our work is as important as what we achieve;
  • rewarding employees for their efforts based on both their individual contribution to their team and the achievement of their KPIs and/or targets; 
  • monthly staff awards to recognise individual contributions and  general encouragement to meet corporate values – leadership, people, relationships, performance, growth, ambition and flexibility;
  • managing diversity which makes us responsive, productive and competitive and creates value for our customers and shareholders while building a high performing and sustainable organisation by investing in building capability among our people leaders to support and foster diversity and flexibility;
  • a  nurturing workplace culture that supports flexibility so that we may create a diverse, skilled and motivated workplace capable of delivering quality products and efficient services to our stakeholders;
  • consistently meeting or exceeding our legal and regulatory obligations in relation to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, wherever our business operates; and being recognised externally as an organisation that exemplifies diversity in action;
  • direct communication with Management through regular staff surveys and weekly intranet communications from leaders;
  • recognition of the contribution that employees make to our success by maintaining a committed and competent workplace where an investment in learning and development is sufficient to enable our organisation to cope with its needs and its anticipated change and growth;
  • having a dedicated and skilled onsite recruitment team whose purpose is to ensure that we use best practice with a  structured and transparent approach to recruitment. Our recruitment and selection policy is advertised internally and a number of external sources to ensure fairness of the process but also to obtain the best applicant pool with appropriate skills;
  • offering attractive staff benefits including fee free transactions accounts, discount on personal and home loans, general insurance discounts and credit card fee waivers.
  • a commitment to employee health and wellbeing e.g. discounted private health cover, free annual influenza vaccinations;
  • reimbursement of costs associated with approved professional development such as Institute of Financial Services courses;
  • the opportunity to participate in company success through a Staff Share Plan;
  • offering access to staff to short-term counselling for work related and personal issues impacting on their work performance.

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